The Easy Living Kitchens Story

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Brisbane’s #1 Trusted and Preferred Kitchen Renovators

We’d like to take a little of your time to tell you about our company… and how for over 35 years, our team of friendly professionals have assisted home owners and kitchen renovators just like you embark on the often daunting and costly journey of updating their property with an eye-catching and functional Kitchen transformation… individually designed for living and enjoying life, that becomes the envy of their friends and families.

Our Friendly Team have spent most of their working lives in the renovations industry… and there wouldn’t be any scenario we haven’t seen or come across, and used our unique skills and experience to deliver the ultimate vision our many happy customers have asked of us for their homes.

But, we must warn you; we are not your average Kitchen Renovators.

Yep, we know what you’re thinking, they might say they’re experts, but they’re all the same.

Unreliable, hard to contact, rarely turn up or start on time, only give us half the information, don’t listen to what we want and just try and sell us what they want to sell us… and then find every reason they can to charge more than was originally quoted.

Hey, we wouldn’t blame you!

We’ve all experienced it… and you know what? It ticks us off as much as it does you trying to understand how some businesses survive. It’s like… who knows what they think, it’s not good enough.

You see, our company and management started their humble beginnings in Small Country towns and Family Businesses… and nearly all our team had their roots in small country towns also. To this day, Easy Living Kitchens holds true to providing Quality & Excellence in workmanship, with Friendly, reliable professional service just as you would expect in a small town family business… Let’s face it, in a small town you wouldn’t last long if you didn’t have a strong work ethic, and community values of honesty, trust and integrity.

A handshake was your word, you always spoke the truth and if you made a promise or commitment you’d see it through.

Easy Living Kitchens is a Company of like-minded people, with the same core country values whom all live in Brisbane these days…

But it wasn’t always like that….

Most of our team started their beginnings in the country, then all ended up in the ‘the big smoke’ of Sydney or Melbourne. The ‘big smoke’ is where they all gained two things… truck loads of experience in all facets of the Kitchen and Wardrobe industry which is important… but, also they discovered the pitfalls, and just how much some people in the industry didn’t seem to care about anything but making money and burning whoever they could on the way.

The industry saying was, “quote it cheap to get the job, and make up the balance on the extra’s”. Sometimes “the extra’s” amounted to more than was originally quoted.

You could Imagine, our jaws dropped and the realization set in… we were no longer in a small town where your reputation was everything.

After a while our team were all looking to get out of the big city rat race and fed up of working in an industry with this attitude and over time all moved to the quieter lifestyle of Brisbane for hopefully something different, but we couldn’t believe it….

Noooo……..Not Again!!!! Lo and behold, we found the industry was no different in Brisbane from what our team had felt and experienced in the other Cities…

Too many businesses who made appointment times and never turned up, or were hours late without even a phone call. Others wouldn’t even return a quote. We saw shoddy workmanship and businesses flat refused to fix things, and seemed to always leave a mess but still had the hide to hit us up for variations they hadn’t allowed for or purposefully left out.

And this was why Easy Living Kitchens was launched, delivering to South East Queenslanders the new benchmark of service, quality and professionalism that Kitchen Renovators just like you demand and deserve.

We decided to only employ like-minded people who shared our vision, values and ethics, and work to change the landscape in our favour.

Don’t get us wrong, this was still much tougher than we thought. We toughed it out though, hiring and firing until we put together a team to be proud of. A team that shares Easy Living Kitchens core values of Honesty and Trust, which is paramount to our excellent reputation of friendly solution focused professionals with an open and consultative approach in everything we do for our customers. You will soon see and feel the difference between us and the rest.

Our team also discovered over the years the lack of understanding about the complexities of Kitchen Remodeling by the average punter… as they say, you don’t know what you don’t know…

Designing and Renovating a Kitchen is not a task for the unskilled. Many builders have a go at specializing and give up due to the hassle of so many components and options that needs to be known and organised over a short period of time. Many people simply choose the wrong Company or decided to try it themselves only to find they spent all their money and it just didn’t work out or worse looked like a handyman job and devalued their homes.

It’s because of the challenges renovators come up against, and the misinformation getting around, that we have decided to take a different approach and stand up…

…to stand up and provide much more than just solutions. Of course there are other reputable Kitchen renovation companies in the marketplace. And some certainly provide quality workmanship and materials… But, you really don’t know how good they are until AFTER they have finished your kitchen. Are we right? Or, are we right?

What you need… What you want, is a Friendly expert working with you, listening to you and your vision, who can show you all the facts up front. Someone who spends the time to make sure you know and understand the options, the processes, the potential pitfalls so you can feel comfortable in making an informed decision.

With Easy Living Kitchens many years of experience and dedication… and commitment to ensuring our customers receive the standard of service and professionalism that we, ourselves expect… You will feel the respect and have the confidence in knowing you have made the right call.

You can rest assured your dream kitchen is in the hands of trusted and leading experts ensuring your Kitchen will be completed by industry professionals, on time, on budget… GUARANTEED.

With Kitchens often being the heart of the home and a very important part of your day to day life, when you choose Easy Living Kitchens to help you design and build your dream kitchen, you’ll fall in love with your kitchen every time you are near it.

Customer Service, Quality, Professionalism and Friendliness are the hallmarks of our Company, which is why customers recommend us over and over again.

At Easy Living Kitchens, we’re well known for our outstanding and beautiful kitchen designs to suit your tastes, home and lifestyle needs.

So if you are ready to get started and experience the Easy Living Kitchens difference…

Call today on 1300 650 681….from the first call you will be greeted by one of our friendly kitchen renovation in Brisbane team members and know you have made the right choice.

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