3 Simple Steps to Your New Kitchen

Step 1 - Contact us and book your FREE design consultation

We've made it easy

Just Click Here and complete our Online Booking Form with your preferred time and day, OR Give us a call on 1300 650 681

Your initial contact with Easy Living Kitchens will be handled personally by one of our friendly and knowledgeable Customer Support Representatives who will have a brief chat with you about your visions, goals and expectations just to make sure we can provide the solution you are looking to achieve. We’ll also be more than happy to answer any questions you may have at this time

Once we know we can help you, and we usually can, we’ll simply confirm a mutually suitable time for your FREE Design Consultation with One of our Friendly Expert Kitchen Designers.

Generally, we are able to schedule this appointment within 2-3 Business days, although at times we are very much in demand for our Design Expertise, so the most it could be is up to 10 Business Days… if you have a specific day and time in mind, simply let us know upfront and we will see if we can meet your request.

Once your appointment is made, you will be emailed a confirmation detailing time and place along with name and contact details for your Friendly Expert Kitchen Designer.

Step 2 - In home design consultation and 100% fixed price proposal


Easy Living Kitchens will simplify everything for you to help make all the decisions you need to create your stunning, eye catching new Kitchen.

At the scheduled appointment time your Friendly Expert Kitchen Designer will arrive… on time, and ready to dedicate whatever is necessary to assist you to achieve your vision.

Your Kitchen Designer will Bring the Showroom to You”. No more spending all your weekends tramping around and getting confused not knowing what will work and what won’t, when it can all happen in the comfort of your own home.

Your Kitchen Design Consultation will be comprehensive and guided by your vision. Our commitment is to offer to you the ultimate straightforward, yet professional advice to help you plan and create your stunning new Kitchen.

So here’s what will happen……..

The first step we need to take is to measure up your existing Kitchen space dimensions so we know what we are dealing with and to work from.

This is your chance to lay out any photos, pictures from magazines, recommendations from friends, and especially your ideas and requirements.

From here we can together discuss pros and cons, options and layouts, whilst identifying any potential challenges or opportunities.

Often, many say choosing everything can be quite daunting… as a new kitchen is made up of many individual components that MUST be considered in conjunction with each other so your kitchen will not just look amazing and feel great but function well also, this is why we have a process to simplify it all for you…

Your friendly kitchen designers will guide you through the process of choosing and making informed decisions about design and layout, storage solutions, your personal living style and family needs, cooking preferences, appliances, cabinets, door styles and colours, bench tops and splashbacks styles and colours, sinks and tapware, handles, hinges and drawer systems, installation needs, electrical points, lighting, water connection and flooring options and whatever else is required to help with your overall objective……..

You will find We Will Make It Easy For You taking care of the big checklist and tiny details by walking you through Our Easy Step By Step Process, so you can relax and enjoy your new kitchen seamlessly unfold.

At the end of the consultation, together we will have designed your new kitchen, chosen all the Appliances, finishes and components ready for your approval to get things underway.

From here, depending on the components, complexity or any special requests or options you may need, we will be able to either-

  • Put a Comprehensive Proposal together on the spot for you and if you are happy with everything, you can give immediate approval and acceptance and we can get things underway for you then and there.


  • If your project needs more time, options or components to put it all together, we will organise another in person, in-home visit usually within 5-7 Business days. Then, we can return with your Comprehensive Proposal and Plans, and sit down with you walking step by step through all the detail, giving you the whole picture. You’ll find at this time, as always we leave no stone unturned to ensure you have all the information and facts upfront, giving you confidence and certainty to make an informed decision.

Sometimes we are asked to design and quote a couple of different options. Of course, this is not a problem… you’ll find at all times our primary objective is to assist you to create your dream, and ultimately add considerable value to your property.

After this presentation, if you are happy with everything and you’ve decided Easy Living Kitchens is the obvious choice to help you create your stunning new Kitchen and you’re ready to go ahead, we’ll go over your paperwork once more and make sure you are happy with your chosen design, colours and components.

Rest assured you won’t need a lawyer to decipher our clear, concise and easy to understand contract, which outlines your order and inclusions, along with our standard terms and conditions.

All you will need to do now is organise your deposit and that’s it to get the ball rolling.

This is what separates us from all the others…

We work with you in your own home (which is the best way as that’s where it’s all happening), to create a Kitchen you will love and feel great being in for many years. Designed personally just for you to suit your lifestyle… and we will be helping you all the way with Expert Friendly Practical advice… giving you all the information, making it easy for you to make informed choices so you get the best outcome for YOU.

Step 3 - Your Brand New Kitchen becomes a reality

Here is where you can Sit Back and Relax… and of course take all the credit as your new kitchen becomes a reality in front of your eyes, and you see how all those informed decisions you made created an amazing and stunning new kitchen that will inspire a lifetime of wonderful experiences…

This is where it all starts happening behind the scenes while you go about your daily life. Once your contract has been signed and accepted, your Kitchen is entered into our system and everything is scheduled and allocated dates and times.

Within a few days of approval you will receive a personal call from your Customer Support Manager who will be overseeing everything for you and be your personal contact from start to finish. He will make an appointment to visit you to introduce himself, and perform a final Kitchen Check Measure for accuracy. He will discuss with you delivery access, security measures, and any concerns or questions you might have. He will ensure everything goes to plan and on schedule exactly as per your contract.

Once check measure is complete, we then immediately place orders for all required cabinetry, door and panel materials, components, fittings, fixtures, appliances, splashbacks and bench tops… and the long list of items that will all need to come together to create your new Kitchen.

Within 7 days of the check measure you will be notified of the exact day and time your kitchen will be ready for delivery and if that suits you, we’ll lock it in and confirm schedule with your chosen installer.

Here we go!

You’re Kitchen and Appliances will be delivered on time, and ready and waiting for your chosen installation team….

Once they start, it’s time to say goodbye to your old Kitchen. By the end of the removal day, all that will be left is an empty shell. But, let’s not get emotional… in just a few weeks your new Kitchen will be complete. Stunning, eye-catching… just as you planned. Over the coming weeks your Kitchen will be transformed.

There’ll be electricians, plumbers, cabinetry installers and could also be plasterers, tilers, glaziers, stone masons and painters amongst others all being friendly, courteous and attentive to your needs.

Typically, an average Kitchen installation will take between 1 and 4 weeks from start to completion depending on what’s involved like laminated or stone bench tops, tiling or glass for splashbacks among other things.

Your Customer Support Manager will make regular checks on your installation to ensure quality control of your new kitchen is being met and installation is proceeding smoothly.

It’s here, the day you’ve been anxiously waiting for.

Once all your installation team are gone, the smell of a new Kitchen is in the air… all that’s left is the final Kitchen Product quality check. This is when Your Customer Support Manager will have made an appointment to meet with you to perform this final check to make sure everything works well in your kitchen as it should, from doors to drawers and everything in between, to ensure every part of your new kitchen meets your complete satisfaction.

Now it’s all yours to enjoy…

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