Our Guarantees

We’re So Confident You’ll Love Every Aspect Of Your Easy Living Kitchens Experience, We’re Willing To Extend You These 7 Guarantees & Promises…

You won’t find these anywhere else… GUARANTEED!


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We promise your Kitchen will be built to the highest standards and finish possible. If you are not totally satisfied with any aspect of our work, let us know, and we will work for FREE until it is rectified*


100% Unconditional, No Hidden Extras, Fixed Price Kitchen Supply Guarantee

Even if we find we have left something out in your kitchen design, you don’t pay any more. What you signed off on is what you’ll get, and the quoted amount for your new kitchen supply is all you’ll pay… GUARANTEED!!!*


$50 On Time Consultation Guarantee

We guarantee you will never be left waiting for us if we have made an appointment with you for a quote. If, on the rare occasion, something goes wrong or is out of our control your Design Consultant is behind Schedule. If you are not notified prior to your appointment, then even if they are just 1 minute late to your scheduled appointment, they will hand you $50 on the spot, no questions asked.*


$100 On Time Kitchen Delivery Guarantee

No one likes to be left waiting around or promised something, and it doesn’t happen. That’s why with our State Of Art Factory and expertise in process, we Guarantee that once Easy Living Kitchens has locked in your Kitchen Delivery Date, that’s the day it will arrive. If, for any reason, through any fault of ours, your Kitchen doesn’t arrive on that day, we will give you $100 just for convenience.*


100% Always In The Loop Guarantee

With your own dedicated Customer Support Manager, you will never be left wondering, ‘What’s happening next?’ From placing your order to delivering your brand-new kitchen and beyond, you will know what to expect to give you peace of mind and security. Everything is going to plan.*


100% Custom Designed and Manufactured Cabinetry

So you will not be restricted to limited sizes and styles other kitchen companies offer. No more ugly gaps and odd-sized in-fills or kitchens that look like a handyman's job with cabinets and doors. From Easy Living Kitchens, you will get a beautifully crafted, made-to-measure, personally designed, custom Kitchen that fits like a glove, looks amazing and feels so good.… GUARANTEED!!!*


100% Australian Made and Locally Manufactured

Cabinetry, Bench tops and splashbacks. Supporting Brisbane Businesses and Local Families, keeping jobs in Brisbane for locals who take absolute pride in what they do, creating your dream Kitchen and completing it to the highest standards and finish … GUARANTEED!!!*


Easy Living Kitchens is a Proud Local Business and a Recognised Leader in Brisbane’s Home Kitchen Renovation Sector

All our kitchens are 100% custom-designed and manufactured locally, supporting local businesses and families. We ONLY offer Quality Australian Made (*where possible), and to protect your investment, we NEVER offer cheap, inferior, imported materials.

It’s important you know EXACTLY what you are getting in your new kitchen, and that’s WHY we give you all the information and specifications in your Comprehensive Kitchen Proposal.

At Easy Living Kitchens, we recognise the importance of delivering you the best value for money you can rightfully expect.

To give you added CONFIDENCE when choosing who to supply your new kitchen, Easy Living Kitchens proudly offers you our BEST PRICE GUARANTEE. We never want price to be the reason you choose another supplier.

If you happen to find another supplier offering the exact same kitchen that is cheaper than Easy Living Kitchens, we PROMISE to beat it by 5%. If in the extremely unlikely event, we can’t beat it by 5%, we’ll hand you $100 cash to apologise for wasting your time. YOU SIMPLY CAN’T LOSE!

Of course, our BEST PRICE GUARANTEE is offered with a few conditions, but nothing you would not reasonably expect.

  1. The kitchen MUST be an EXACT like-for-like design and specifications
  2. Competitors' quotes MUST include a floorplan, layout, cabinetry configurations, specifications for materials, hardware and benchtop, check measure and delivery (without ALL this information, you don’t know what you’ll REALLY be getting)
  3. Competitors' quotes MUST be less than 60 days old

*Unfortunately, Australia currently does NOT locally manufacture Stone for Benchtops or Hardware for doors and drawers. Our preferred top-quality Caesarstone is Manufactured in Israel and the USA, Silestone is Manufactured in the USA, whilst BLUM Hardware is Manufactured in Austria. These products ARE, however, supplied by Local Australian Companies. ALL OTHER Benchtop Stone is Made in China ☹