Our Core Values

At the heart of all trusted and Reputable companies, it starts with their core values. This determines what they stand for and gives you insights into why they are, what to expect, the people they are and whom they employ. If a company doesn’t have a Statement of Core Values then you take the risk of not knowing anything about them.

Easy Living Kitchen's Core Values are the basis on which the Company was formed. Our Values support the foundations of every action we take and everything we do in regards to all Decisions, Processes, Strategies, Operations and Our People.

Integrity and Honesty Always

Our Team have a responsibility to always do the right thing by our Company, our People, our Customers, and the greater Community. In all that we do and all those whom we communicate with, all members of Easy Living Kitchens will conduct Business with unswayable Honesty, Integrity, Trust and Compassion. We will be Friendly, Reliable, Professional and Respectful with a Strong Work Ethic and being Accountable for all our actions and behaviour

Customer Excellence

We will always value and appreciate our customers, their individual needs, ideas and vision while focusing only on the best outcomes for them. We will go the extra mile and do our best to help wherever possible. We will dedicate ourselves to creating meaningful and positive experiences for our customers, through the products and services we offer. We will always show mutual respect and absolute commitment to our customers before, during and after they have carried out business with Easy Living Kitchens.

Quality Excellence

We will only use, supply and recommend products of Excellent Quality, Sustainability and Fit for Purpose. We will remain up to date with the latest available advances in Trends and Products and work only with trusted reputable brands and companies to ensure we meet the needs of our Customers. Easy Living Kitchens is committed to continuous improvement in all that we do and strive to exceed customer expectations. Our Company is always environmentally aware and responsible.

People Excellence

Our People are the Moral Compass and the backbone of our company. We will always appreciate their contributions and encourage and support them to be their best. From all levels, we will show respect, dignity, compassion and inclusivity to each other, fostering diversity, teamwork and collaboration. We seek excellence in all we do, prioritising passionate learning and constant improvement. We will always act with integrity through honesty, trust, compassion, efficiency, and reliability, and we will nurture a great, fun, safe, and creative work environment for all to enjoy.

Giving Back

Our Mission to do our part to Help Save the World

Our Company founders came from very humble beginnings and know exactly what it’s like to have very little to nothing.

So, Easy Living Kitchens from day one set about to give back to people and help those who are in need to make sure we can improve others’ lives through our success, and always will as part of our Core Values and Mission..

Here’s how we are doing it – with the help of our Customers and our amazing People.

Easy Living Kitchens have teamed up with Buy1GIVE1a Global Charity where 100% of all donations go to the source of need and actually gets the results. Through this collaboration we can make a real impact and difference locally and the world. We (You) will help those around the world who lack the much needed essentials like clean drinking water, housing, clothing, medical aid, schooling and all the things we take for granted.

Imagine how great it would be if you could help make a difference with every item you purchase. Yet it would not even cost you a cent! And that’s exactly what happens when you buy from Easy Living Kitchens. We give away a portion of our profits from every transaction to providing much needed funds to support others here and around the world who are struggling just to survive.

We believe businesses have the power to change lives. And we know that power is provided by the loyalty and support of our customers, just like you.

Our kitchen renovation company and its amazing team of people believe in the greater good, in giving back to the communities that support our Business and their Families. We follow the philosophy of giving, helping and lifting those in need. And actively help our local charities and not for profit clubs and associations with time and charitable giving.

Our life is short so if all do our best to make a positive difference in someone’s life, how much better would we leave the world.

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