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Combine the latest trends and cutting-edge technology to create a sleek yet simple contemporary kitchen in your Brisbane home.

Our trusted team can transform your kitchen with clean lines, minimalistic details and a monochromatic colour palette that will set the tone for the rest of your home.

A fresh style with a smooth feel in your Brisbane contemporary kitchen

From funky high-rise apartments to luxurious suburban family homes, we can design a sleek, glossy kitchen to sparkle your home.

A kitchen renovation incorporating modern design principles such as simple lines, recessed lighting and stainless steel appliances will make your kitchen a statement room where cooking and entertaining go hand in hand.

Cost Estimates for a Contemporary Kitchen Renovation

*Cost estimates do not include additional costs for trades and appliances

Small Range

A$15,000 – A$30,000


Mid-Size Range

A$30,000 – A$50,000


Large Range

A$50,000 – 100,000

Here’s what you get

  • Fully custom design and drawings
  • Customised work space planning
  • Customised storage space planning
  • Cabinetry finish and colour selection
  • Drawer and hinge systems selection
  • Benchtop surface and colour selection
  • Appliances selection
  • Sink and tapware selection

We are extremely happy with our new kitchen supplied by Easy Living Kitchens

"We are extremely happy with our new kitchen supplied by Easy Living Kitchens. Your designer really offered some great ideas which made the kitchen much more functional than what was there previously. The quality of the workmanship and the whole experience gave us great confidence. We'll be recommending you to family and friends."

Michael & Sarah, Stafford Heights

My new kitchen is beautiful and has everything I wanted

"I was very impressed with the level of customer service and communication you provided. The process was so easy, and everything happened as you promised. My new kitchen is beautiful and has everything I wanted. Thanks to the whole team at Easy Living Kitchens."

Melody, Mitchelton

What is a contemporary kitchen design?

Think sleek, glossy surfaces, clean lines, monochromatic colours, frameless flat-panel cabinets and integrated stainless steel appliances to help achieve a clean, fresh look.

A contemporary kitchen design is the epitome of style. This design type incorporates the latest products and materials and relies on state-of-the-art technology to maximise the functionality of your kitchen.


Common features of a contemporary kitchen renovation


Neutral or monochromatic colour scheme

Black kitchen cabinets, an all-white kitchen or a mix of black and white are popular trends in contemporary kitchens. Taking it a step further, dark blue kitchens, even a grey kitchen, can fit the contemporary brief as long as the palette is simple and works to ground and define the room.

  • In all black kitchens or where you choose a dark colour for your cabinets, use lighting wisely to prevent the space from feeling cramped
  • Feel free to mix colours on different work spaces for a sense of fun or contrast

Sleek lines are a hallmark of contemporary kitchens

The use of long, wide, stacked cabinets with simple or no hardware can help create symmetry in your contemporary kitchen that helps add a sense of order and cleanliness that other kitchen designs can't match.

  • Use floor to ceiling cabinetry to elongate your space
  • The uniform appearance of flat-panelled cabinetry is a hallmark of contemporary kitchen design
  • Bare spaces with no objects are also just as important

Floors should be bare and smooth

Floors in a contemporary kitchen should be smooth and sleek, just like the rest of the kitchen. Hardwood floors, tiles or polished concrete are all fantastic, hard-wearing and long-lasting options.

A kitchen island is a contemporary kitchen must

A contemporary kitchen embraces the concept of open-plan living. Therefore, a kitchen island is integral in helping your kitchen and dining areas feel like one. Add kitchen bar stools for seating and pendant lighting to add to the function of your island as a casual dining area or gathering spot.

The island is also a good place to incorporate waterfall counters. These can be paired with different colours or textures on your cabinets for contrast.


Be smart about your appliances

Integrating appliances such as your fridge, microwave and range hood can give your contemporary kitchen a seamless look, while an undermount sink also helps it blend in with countertops. On the other hand, you could opt to give your kitchen an industrial feel with a double oven or commercial-grade fridge.

Contemporary kitchens also generally feature smart appliances with voice assistants to control everything from your coffee machine to food processor, which are all neatly hidden away.

Use contemporary methods to light up your kitchen

When it comes to contemporary kitchen lighting, there should be an abundance of it - even better if it's adjustable. Track lighting is great for this reason.

Under cabinet or recessed lighting brings ambience to your contemporary kitchen. Serious cooks will want it installed under the upper cabinets to brighten the workspace, but it can also brighten up a kitchen island and cabinets by being installed beneath lower cabinets, just above the floor.

Futuristic shapes, glass baubles or sculptural pendants can also help you put the spotlight on your kitchen.


Make sure you have a place for everything

All non-essentials are excluded from the design of a contemporary kitchen, and hidden storage is maximised to make the room appear larger. Everything should have a home behind closed doors, which is why so many contemporary kitchens feature integrated appliances. Clutter should be kept to a minimum.

Remember, less is more

Colours and materials are the focus of a contemporary kitchen design. You won't see busy patterns or too much texture in these kitchens, and they avoid using art on the walls or decor on the counters, ensuring the focus remains firmly on the kitchen itself.

Shelves and countertops should also be free of clutter.

If you want to include decor such as flowers or a plant, they should be large and dramatic and displayed in a simple pot or vase.


Forget your handles

Opt for push to close latches on your cabinetry and drawers. Hardware such as handles and pulls can make your kitchen look too busy, so leave them out of your design for a super-sleek, minimalist look.

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Sleek, clean and tidy - a contemporary kitchen for your Brisbane house may well bring a sense of calm and order that your home lacks. Ultra-modern and low on maintenance, we can turn your vision for a streamlined space for cooking, entertaining and enjoying into a reality.

A contemporary kitchen designed and manufactured by Easy Living Kitchens is 100% custom-designed to suit you. We will work closely with you through all of the stages to guarantee your new kitchen perfectly suits your needs and budget.

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