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Bring the warmth and beauty of the countryside into your Brisbane home with our country kitchen designs.

With 35 years as kitchen renovators, we know how to combine the country charm and homey feeling to make your country kitchen vision come to life. Whether you are drawn to traditional rustic designs or modern country looks, we can transform your kitchen into a countryside dream.

Warm & inviting country-style kitchens

Whether you're in the country or the centre of Brisbane doesn't matter. We can design your kitchen to feel like you're neighbouring rolling hills and farm-like countryside.

Whether you like a farmhouse feel or a sleek modern country aesthetic, our kitchen renovations can turn any home's kitchen into a country-styled masterpiece.
Our country kitchen designs are always warm, inviting and homey, taking country living design and adding the modern necessities to make it a practical and luxurious part of your home.

See an example of a beautiful, contemporary country-style kitchen we built in Wights Mountain.

Here’s what you get

  • Fully custom design and drawings
  • Customised workspace planning
  • Customised storage space planning
  • Cabinetry finish and colour selection
  • Drawer and hinge systems selection
  • Benchtop surface and colour selection
  • Appliances selection
  • Sink and tapware selection

We are extremely happy with our new kitchen supplied by Easy Living Kitchens

"We are extremely happy with our new kitchen supplied by Easy Living Kitchens. Your designer really offered some great ideas which made the kitchen much more functional than what was there previously. The quality of the workmanship and the whole experience gave us great confidence. We'll be recommending you to family and friends."

Michael & Sarah, Stafford Heights

My new kitchen is beautiful and has everything I wanted

"I was very impressed with the level of customer service and communication you provided. The process was so easy, and everything happened as you promised. My new kitchen is beautiful and has everything I wanted. Thanks to the whole team at Easy Living Kitchens."

Melody, Mitchelton

What are country style kitchens?

Country kitchens are often timeless and known for their warmth and character.

Country styles vary from kitchen to kitchen, but common characteristics include rustic features like exposed beams and fireplaces, large drawers, timber finishes, and open shelves with white and natural colours.


Common features of a country kitchen styles

Simplistic Kitchen Layout


Country kitchens are typically traditional kitchens with simple styles and layouts. The cozy and warm feeling you try to achieve with a country kitchen often means keeping things close and compact. However, this doesn't mean it can't be spacious when done correctly.

Things you could include in your kitchen layout to add more of a 'country vibe' include:

  • Large island bench with seating 
  • Open pantry area
  • Direct connection between kitchen and dining area
  • Incorporating other antique features like a fireplace or sitting area near the stove (heralding back to the wood stoves that kept the house warm in winter)

Country Countertops & Cabinets

Country countertops and cabinets are perfect for incorporating the warm, country feeling into your kitchen. Country kitchens are known for their wood features, simple cabinetry and open shelving.

Options to consider for your country kitchen countertops and cabinets include:

  • Simple, hand painted timber cabinets
  • Wooden bench-tops
  • Caesarstone countertops
  • Cabinets with glass windows or wire features
  • Deep drawers
  • Ceramic or metal-fashioned handles

Tiled Backsplash


The splashback above the stove and the kitchen sink is one key characteristic that can scream country living.  It is an easy addition to turn any kitchen renovation into a truly classic country space.

Common backsplash options include:

  • White, light, and neutral tile options
  • Patterned tiles, including subway tiles for modern country styles
  • Tile patterns that incorporate floral, gingham, mosaic or check features

Light & Bright Colour Scheme

Country-style living often sticks to light and bright colour schemes to reflect the natural environment they originated from. They also incorporate patterns, with gingham wallpaper a common example of kitchen colour styling.

Typical country kitchen colours and patterns include:

  • White, cream, grey and neutral colours
  • Green colours – typically lighter but dark green can still work
  • Other soft accent shades like light blue or yellow
  • Gingham patterns
  • Check patterns
  • Floral patterns

Rustic Appliances


A country-style kitchen often turns its appliances into features, using rustic, antique-like appliances to create an inviting, warm, homey feel.

Typical country kitchen-style appliances may include:

  • Vintage-style fridge
  • French door style fridge
  • Gas stove top
  • Free standing oven
  • Antique wood stove
  • Large, canopy range-hood

Natural Lighting

Lighting is an imperative feature to achieve a truly country-rich kitchen. The simple, light, bright and open feeling of a country kitchen means lighting is key.

We recommend incorporating a mix of natural light, practical light and feature lighting, including:

  • Large window spaces and open doorways to increase natural light
  • Practical lighting over the stove, sink and bench top to make your kitchen easy to use
  • Lantern pendant lights
  • Wooden lighting beams
  • Brass or copper lighting pieces

Hardwood Flooring


Nothing is more country than timber hardwood floors or worn brick. This doesn't mean, however, that your tile flooring will not adapt to the style.

Some ideas to help plan your perfect country-style kitchen floor include:

  • Hardwood floor boards
  • Worn brick flooring
  • Small tiles, including brown in small patterns to mimic brick, or longer, neutral colours to mimic hardwood.

Country Decor

Country decor is the piece de resistance of country style that adds the finishing touches to the design. Remember the origins of country style, with small country houses combining the living, dining and kitchen, with everything on display and in arms reach.

You can achieve country-style decor with:

  • Open shelves with everything on display
  • Antique and vintage pieces, including crockery, plates and spoons
  • Utensils stored on benches, and hanging pots and pans
  • Sitting areas, lounges and comfortable corners for relaxation
  • Market style baskets and trolleys

Farmhouse Sink


A country sink is typically a feature item, not a run-of-the-mill stainless steel sink in the middle of a bench. Originating from the need to wash large pots and roasting pans, country-style sinks are typically large, deep, apron-front double sinks.  Often, these are installed as either a drop-in or an under-mount sink. Don't forget to consider the tap wear and faucet choices, as these can also easily denote a country kitchen style.

If you are looking for a country-style kitchen sink, try looking for an apron-front sink made of:

  • Fireclay or ceramic 
  • Copper
  • Granite
  • Quartz

Renovate your outdated kitchen with a rustic yet modern country kitchen

The idea of timber finishes, exposed beams, and patterns like gingham or check may sound shabby and outdated, but we know how to take the country kitchen aesthetic and turn it into a modern country dream.

Rustic doesn't have to equal shabby antiques, and we can turn your country kitchen vision into a homey yet luxurious, gourmet kitchen. We take all the elements of country styling that make it warm and inviting and turn them into practical, modern kitchen spaces for your Brisbane home.

Choose Easy Living Kitchens for a luxurious country-style kitchen renovation

With over 35 years of kitchen renovating, we are well-versed in building country-style kitchens. From a simple, inviting and homey layout, to a luxurious, rich, spacious design - we can turn your take on country living and turn it into the kitchen of your dreams.

Call us on 1300 650 681 to talk to one of our friendly kitchen renovation experts.