Kitchen Designers Brisbane

Easy Living Kitchens is a passionate team of friendly and experienced kitchen designers servicing the Greater Brisbane area. We are 100% focused on providing all our valued clients with a truly customised experience to match their individual needs.

We strongly believe that no two customers are alike, and each has their own unique ideas and vision as to how their new custom designed kitchen looks, feels and works for them.

The Role of Kitchen Designers Brisbane

The role of an expert kitchen designer is to essentially facilitate the design and selection process, and bring your dream kitchen to reality. To achieve that, the kitchen designer engages to understand how the customer plans to use and move throughout their kitchen.

By working closely with our customers, and understanding their vision, our expert kitchen designers first provide complex work-space design and storage solutions to structure and enhance the functional use of the kitchen. This is the first foundation step towards your new kitchen. Secondly, with regard to our customers' personal tastes, desires and budgetary considerations we turn our attention to the visual design process. This involves style, colour and surface type selections of all external cabinet panels, as well as benchtops, splashbacks, and appliances.

An element of kitchen design which is hidden yet essential to bringing the structural and visual design elements together, is the hardware. From the hinges on the doors, the drawer systems, the lift ups, even the drawer dividers. What holds your kitchen together can be the difference between a stunningly decadent kitchen that is a pleasure to work in, or a visually appealing yet disappointing kitchen lacking finesse and ease of use.

How to Choose a Kitchen Designer

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Choosing a kitchen designer is the first step to bringing your dream kitchen to reality. You only get one chance to get it right, so this choice is critical. Design mistakes are costly, so you need to know the kitchen designer you choose has the runs on the board, and the broad experience across all facets of kitchen design and construction.

An expert kitchen designer will have extensive knowledge and / or experience in residential construction. This is critical to identify the possible opportunities and limitations which will affect the physical layout and design aspects of your new kitchen. The last thing you want is your kitchen design requiring structural changes at installation, simply because what was designed on paper will not work or fit in reality.

If you are opting for the latest trends and styles in kitchens, including but not limited to the popular Hamptons Style Kitchens, you need to look for a designer who can demonstrate their creative talent and recent experience with the style you are seeking.

When choosing a kitchen designer, you are placing an enormous amount of trust on their ability and experience, as well as their integrity and commitment. Spend the time getting to know your designer, so you can trust and work comfortably with him or her to achieve the results you are expecting.

At Easy Living Kitchens, our closely monitored systems and processes ensure your project is afforded the highest level of respect and expertise throughout the complex kitchen design process, right through to manufacture, delivery and installation.