Top 5 Granny Flat Kitchen Design Layouts

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Just because your Granny flat is a smaller space doesn’t mean you can’t bring your big ideas to life. Whether you’re looking to rent your granny flat out or planning to provide a separate living space for a family member, a beautiful kitchen can be the star feature that anyone will love. The question is, what’s the perfect granny flat kitchen layout for you?

In this blog, we look at some of the best Granny Flat Kitchen design layouts as well as some tips on what to consider when creating your perfect kitchen.

5 Best Layouts for Your Granny Flat Kitchen

Your design layout (or floor plan) is literally where your new kitchen will begin to take shape. When deciding on the perfect layout, consider the space you’re working with, how big you’d like your kitchen to be, and what will work with the rest of your granny flat. Personal preference is also key, after all, why go to all the trouble of designing a kitchen unless you love the end result?

Let’s have a quick look at some of the most common kitchen designs you’ll find in granny flats.

1. One Wall or Linear Kitchens

This can be a fantastic option for a smaller granny flat, or for anyone who wants to make the most of open space. As the name suggests, your kitchen bench runs across a single wall including, sink, cabinetry and any stove-tops.

It’s a given that the space will be limited, but depending on your situation, this may not be a big issue. For holiday accommodation for example, this may be more than enough. If your tenant doesn’t cook beyond simple meals, they may not need a lot of space either. However, if your retired mother is moving in and loves to bake, you might want to consider something more substantial.

2. L-Shaped Kitchen

This is a great way to create more bench space without taking up much more floor area. As the name suggests, an L shape fits into the corner of your kitchen creating a functional cooking space. Depending on the size, some may find the bench space a little small especially when you include sinks, cabinetry and stove tops. It is a popular option in granny flats due to its efficiency, as it provides that open feel while still providing more bench space than a linear kitchen.

When well done, an L shaped kitchen can strike the perfect balance between being stylish and practical.

3. Kitchen Island

The kitchen island is a modern living feature that has changed the way kitchens are designed. A well-placed kitchen island can provide a great area for people to gather and can be incorporated with an open layout, meaning you can be preparing dinner while chatting with someone in the living room. The island provides space that can be used for preparing food but is also great for sitting at to have coffee or breakfast. An island needs to be the right distance away from the oven, appliances, and other benches so keep this in mind during the planning stages.

4. Galley Kitchen

A galley kitchen is a layout that creates a corridor with an entry point on either end, tending to be longer than they are wide, allowing a lot of flexibility in custom homes. When well-done, it can be the perfect fit for smaller spaces (like your granny flat) while still providing plenty of bench top area within close proximity.

5. U-Shaped Kitchen

This style was one of the go-to designs during the 70s, 80s and 90s but have since become less popular. There are advantages to this layout, including providing plenty of room for a family, and part of the bench top can be used as an eating area.

This design can be prone to traffic jams if you have a lot of people in the kitchen, but this shouldn’t be too much of an issue with just two or three tenants.


Tips for a Successful Granny Flat Kitchen Renovation

Before we get down to possible kitchen layouts, let’s discuss a few things you should consider when deciding on the right kitchen design for your granny flat.

  1. Use your space wisely – There’s no point pretending otherwise, you’ve got a limited space to work in a granny flat. Knowing the dimensions that you have available allows you to consider what layout and design choices will not only suit the space but give you more bang for your buck.
  2. Functionality first – The most gorgeous kitchen in the world won’t be much good if it isn’t practical and easy to use. Remember, you can spruce up a practical kitchen but it’s much harder to save a poorly designed layout. You’ll need to consider factors such as space, plumbing, and electrical needs.
  3. Consider the granny flat’s purpose – People use their granny flats for a variety of purposes. Depending on how independent the tenants will be – as well as whether they’re long-term or short-term – can determine how elaborate your kitchen needs to be.
  4. What appliances and fixtures do you need – Are you looking to install a stovetop, oven or dishwasher? You’ll also need to consider where things like your sink will go along with any storage. Your choice of appliances can play a part in what layout will best suit your granny flat kitchen.
  5. Colours – Naturally, you’ll want your kitchen to be cohesive with the rest of your granny flat. You can always chat with your designer about ways to achieve this.
  6. Consider storage needs – This doesn’t just include cabinetry but also where you plan to keep your fridge. These needs can vary greatly depending on whether you have a permanent tenant or just renting for short periods.
  7. Budget – We get it. Finances are often the least fun part of renovations. However, knowing your budget will help you avoid difficulties down the track. Being open and honest about your budget allows you and your builder to tailor plans to suit your needs.
  8. Consider open plan living – Open plan living is when multiple rooms merge together and has become the norm in Australian home design. A very common use of this layout is having the kitchen, dining room and living room all connected into a larger space. It allows your kitchen to be easily accessible from other rooms, which means dinner conversation doesn’t need to stop when someone goes to the fridge. In smaller areas like a granny flat, this can make the building feel larger while allowing natural light into your dwelling as well. Walls take up valuable floorspace, so in a granny flat, an open floorplan is a great way to get your money’s worth.

Choose the right team to bring your kitchen to life

To help create a kitchen that will be a star feature of your granny flat, you’ll need an expert team on your side. Easy Living Kitchens is here to create your dream kitchen. We’re Brisbane’s most trusted kitchen renovators and we’re committed to creating a kitchen that is suited to you and your needs.

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