Why You Should Consider an Outdoor Kitchen

There’s so much to love about having an outdoor kitchen. You can enjoy picking and cooking food straight from your backyard, keeping the mess of entertaining confined to your patio, and lowering energy bills. And, if it’s designed correctly, an outdoor kitchen can be enjoyed no matter the weather.

Here are the things you need to consider when it comes to the functionality of an outdoor kitchen that will be used all year round and the appliances you need to make it the most loved room in your house.

How to Design an Outdoor Kitchen with the Versatility of Year-Round Use

When it comes to outdoor kitchen design, careful planning can mean the difference between year-round functionality and enjoyment and being limited to use depending on the weather and season. Here are a few ways to ensure the comfort of family and guests so that your outdoor kitchen offers the versatility of hosting gatherings and parties all year round.

1. Durability and Functionality Are Key

When you design your outdoor kitchen, select materials for their durability so they hold up to extreme weather, entertaining large groups of friends, and regular gatherings with family. Selecting low-maintenance materials for benchtops and cabinetry means you can get more enjoyment out of your outdoor kitchen instead of spending your spare time cleaning. Consider using concrete, stainless steel, or stone. They are hard-wearing materials that can survive the weather and be used all year round.

2. When It Comes To Kitchen Design, Call In The Experts

Using a professional kitchen designer is just as important in your outdoor kitchen as in your indoor one. An outdoor kitchen space can be a simple line of cabinets, or you might choose to replicate a traditional kitchen with a sink, island, refrigerator and freezer, and various kitchen appliances. Easy Living Kitchens offers free design consultations, where the showroom comes to you, saving you money and time.

3. Don’t Let The Weather Ruin Your Enjoyment

When building your outdoor space, carefully consider the location, orientation, and climate. Include ways to let the breeze in and keep the elements out. Outdoor blinds, screens, or half walls are great ways to block the sun, wind, and rain, as well as provide privacy.

4. If You’ve Got The Space, Install Extra Seating

Plan the rest of your patio space around how you plan to use your outdoor kitchen. Include a dining area, built-in seating for guests and parties, or perhaps even a casual living space to enjoy a drink before dinner.

5. Electricity and Plumbing Make For A Proper Kitchen

Think about whether your outdoor kitchen would benefit from electricity and plumbing, just like a regular kitchen. If you plan to add lighting to make the space safer for food preparation, water sources for sinks or dishwashers, or fans or heating for the year-round comfort of guests, don’t forget to include this within your budget.

6. Consider Your Storage Requirements

Don’t forget that your outdoor kitchen will require storage to stow away cutlery, glasses, and dinnerware, as well as tools and trays for cooking and serving. Large drawers have plenty of benefits, but make sure they have a low-maintenance finish and a profile that doesn’t capture dirt and dust.

Appliances to Include in Your Outdoor Kitchen

You won’t miss your inside oven and burners with an outdoor kitchen that’s functional all year round. Here are some of the cooking appliances best suited to the outdoors.

1. Gas Barbecue

No Aussie outdoor kitchen is complete without a barbecue. The smell of fire and smoke emanating from a backyard is appealing no matter the season.

Because they heat up quickly and keep the heat outside, they are the ultimate convenience on steamy summer nights. But with a barbecue, you’re not limited to just using the grill in summer. Barbecues can be used to roast meats and vegetables in the cooler months, and if you choose a barbecue equipped with a lid, you can bake anything that you can bake in a regular oven. With the addition of side burners and a rotisserie, you can entertain friends and family without having to step away from the patio.

2. Charcoal Barbecue

While a gas barbecue offers convenience, many people choose to include a charcoal barbecue in their outdoor kitchen for the unique smoky flavour it brings to meals. Searing, smoking, roasting, and baking, the charcoal barbecue is a versatile piece of equipment that brings a bit of theatre to outdoor gatherings.

3. Electric Barbecue

Touted as a cleaner, greener option than charcoal or gas, an electric barbecue is a particularly convenient addition to an outdoor kitchen in an apartment or roof terrace and will save you from having to haul bags of charcoal and heavy gas bottles. However, they don’t give out the same amount of heat, so meals may take a little longer to cook.

4. Smoker

From smoked mac and cheese to fish and brisket, some people believe an outdoor kitchen is just not complete without the addition of a smoker. That’s right! A smoker isn’t just for meats. You can actually cook an entire meal on a smoker. Rather than placing food directly over a heat source, a smoker uses indirect heat to cook and flavour foods slowly.

5. Pizza Oven

If you have the space, a pizza oven is a great investment for an outdoor kitchen. More fun than a fire pit, a wood-fired pizza oven gives the enjoyment of an open flame on chilly winter nights but offers the functionality of being able to bake and roast all sorts of meals during the summer months, too. Also available in gas models, a pizza oven can be a standalone feature or placed on top of a bar fridge or cabinet.

6. Wok

Depending on what you like to cook in your wok, outside could well be the best place to fry up your favourite foods, particularly very aromatic meals, such as fragrant fish or meat dishes. You’ll need to fit a good gas burner to get that sizzling stir-fry heat.

Your Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen Awaits with Easy Living Kitchens

Our kitchens are 100% custom-designed to suit your property and budget. We can confidently offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee because we work with our customers to deliver spaces that suit their tastes and needs. From the layout to design and manufacture, Easy Living Kitchens has been a one-stop shop for kitchen renovations for more than 35 years.

Contact us today at 1300 650 681 for more tips on designing the outdoor kitchen of your dreams or to book a free design consultation.

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