Dual Delights: The Advantages of Installing a Second Kitchen in Your Home

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It might sound like a luxury addition to a home, but a second kitchen is a great idea for a number of very practical reasons.

Whether in place of a butler’s pantry or in a home office, having a second space for preparing meals is a growing trend but one that harks back to yesteryear.

Let’s look at why homeowners are opting for two kitchens, how they use them and if they add value to a home.

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Why You Might Want A Second Kitchen And Where To Put It

A second kitchen isn’t just for those with expansive or two-storey homes. From making entertaining easier to providing a space for the kids to go wild, plenty of homeowners are installing second kitchens and reaping the benefits.

Here’s where dual kitchens are being used:

For Entertaining Away From The Main Kitchen

You’ll benefit from the convenience of having an additional kitchen if you tend to do most of your entertaining in another part of your home.

For example, downstairs close to the pool in a two-storey home, in a pool house or backyard pavilion.

One For The Kids

Create a kid-friendly kitchen or one for the sole use of teenagers and their friends. Often, these are close to a rumpus room, a second living space, or a teenage retreat, giving kids the freedom to cook or snack as they please.

A drinks fridge and dishwasher are must-have features in these second kitchens.

In Place of a Butler’s Pantry

For entertainers who like to keep their mess away from the ‘showpiece’ kitchen, an additional kitchen off the main kitchen is similar to a butler’s pantry but fully equipped with the necessary appliances.

Take into account the durability of the materials you’re choosing, but you don’t have to inject as much personality with fancy finishes, as this kitchen isn’t intended to be seen by your guests.

Off of a Dining Room

Similar to a home bar but with more bang, a second kitchen can act as a servery where guests can help themselves to a drink, make a coffee or grab dessert. Best of all, the host doesn’t have to haul glasses and platters back to the main kitchen if a sink and dishwasher are included in the space.

In a Granny Flat

In order to be truly self-contained, homeowners can make granny flats more comfortable for guests or permanent residents with their own space to prepare meals and clean up.

In a Studio Space

If your studio space is used as a place for hobbies, you don’t want to have to trek mess through the house when it comes time to clean up.

Adding a second kitchen will provide you with a sink to wash off messy hands or paint brushes, storage space to keep all of your accessories tidy, and plenty of bench space to work at, meaning extra flexibility for your studio.

In a Home Office

Don’t let an afternoon coffee break interrupt your work. With a second kitchen in your home office, you don’t have to go far from your desk for lunch or an afternoon snack.

If you have employees, it’s a great way to provide them with amenities they’d expect in a regular office, such as somewhere to store their packed lunch, without encroaching on family life.

In a Parents’ Retreat

Breakfast in bed, a glass of wine to wind down or a nightcap — a coffee bar, or maybe a cocktail bar (with bar fridge and sink, of course), close to a bedroom can make you feel like you’re permanently on holiday, and who doesn’t love that?

Consider style and aesthetics carefully, as this will be a visible part of a room that’s intended for rest and relaxation.

In Homes With Multi-Generational Living

Families with multiple generations under one roof will benefit from giving each other space and independence with a second kitchen.

For Families With Food Allergies or Special Dietary Needs

Separate storage and cooking zones can prevent cross-contamination in the case of extreme food allergies or even religious or dietary requirements.

I Wish I’d Known The Advantages of Installing A Second Space For Cooking And Entertaining

I once lived in a two-storey home where the beautiful upstairs kitchen, which had recently been upgraded, was rarely seen by guests. This is because all the entertaining took place downstairs, by the pool, and in the garden.

Unfortunately, this led to the laundry being used as a second kitchen. Being that it had a sink, it offered more convenience than making the trek upstairs and back down again every time a guest wanted their drink refilled.

If only I’d had a proper second kitchen. A place to store serving trays, plates, glasses, and cutlery. With a sink to wash off the barbecue tools without dodging dirty laundry and a fridge to store food and drinks. For party preparation and a place to whip up a simple summer meal.

After we moved, the new owners of our modest Brisbane home fixed the problem with a renovation and expansion that included the installation of an additional kitchen.

A remodel was probably an investment our outdoor-loving family should have considered while we lived there, because the flexibility of having a second kitchen and increased functionality would have greatly improved our lifestyle, not to mention added value to our home with a positive return on investment when we sold.

Does A Second Kitchen Add Value To My Home?

Kitchens sell homes. But what about a single-family home with two kitchens? Having more than one bathroom is a must-have for most families, as are multiple living spaces. So, why should kitchens be any different?

A smart and stylish second kitchen that offers family functionality is likely to be an attractive addition for buyers should you choose to sell your home in the future. Flexibility and convenience are key to the appeal of an additional kitchen, especially if it can be used for entertaining.

Research the market, and you’ll see that properties with multiple kitchens are on the rise and in high demand, especially as more adult children stay at home longer and families embrace multi-generational living.

Do I Need Planning Approval For A Second Kitchen?

Although internal renovations rarely require council approval, adding a second kitchen could lead your house to be considered dual occupancy. Some councils require a planning application for dual-occupancy homes, so it’s always worth taking this into consideration before installing a second kitchen on your property.

We’re The Experts When It Comes To Dual Kitchens

Increasing the functionality of your home with a second kitchen is an investment in your lifestyle. It doesn’t have to break the bank — installing a second kitchen can be done within a budget that suits your needs. As the Brisbane kitchen renovation experts, Easy Living Kitchens offers you a fixed price guarantee, and when comparing apples with apples, we won’t be beaten on price.

Easy Living Kitchens can help you design a space that offers versatility but still works for your family because all our kitchens are 100% custom-designed for you. Our kitchens are also locally manufactured, so an Easy Living kitchen supports local families, just like yours. Call us on 1300 650 681 to book a free kitchen design consultation today.

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