8 Tips for Designing a Timeless White Country Kitchen

White modern country kitchen with silver handles and grey vinyl flooring

A gathering spot for family and friends when entertaining, a place for cooking, dining, work and play – kitchens truly are the hub of a modern home. And when it comes time for an upgrade, creating warmth and homeliness can be as easy as sticking with a classic choice – white. White country kitchens give a sense of cleanliness and are a great foundation to display your personality. They also help a space look larger by reflecting the light.

Take a look at how to go about designing a white country kitchen with timeless appeal.

White: A classic yet contemporary renovation choice for your kitchen

Farmhouse stainless steel sink

A white kitchen can give your home a fresh look, but they aren’t limited to one design category. Whether you’re after a classic country kitchen or one with a more contemporary feel, you can’t go wrong with the versatility of using white as your base for cabinets, walls or even counters.

The look of a farmhouse-style kitchen can vary, but most country style kitchen renovations utilise white cabinetry mixed with natural elements and rustic touches to achieve warmth and comfort.

The best shades of white for country kitchens

When it comes to shades, it’s important to choose the best white for your interior design.

  • Snow-white is a cool-toned shade with a blue-green base. Perfect for a crisp feeling kitchen and best suited to ultra-modern or minimalist-style homes.
  • Cream or antique white are warmer shades with yellow-red tones. Use them to create a warm and cosy-feeling country kitchen.

8 Tips for creating a beautiful white country kitchen – From start to finish

Give your home an elegant aesthetic with the enduring charm of a white country kitchen by following a few easy steps during the planning, design and styling stages.

1. Start with a plan

3d drawings

Whether you’re looking for a modern farmhouse kitchen to compliment your country cottage or a contemporary French country look for your family abode, using the triangle rule – between your stove, refrigerator and sink – to design your kitchen is still the best method.

While it’s always best to choose a layout based on your needs, country kitchen designs usually feature islands as a focal point because they are the heart of our kitchens. They can also offer extra storage and counter space for preparing food or eating, with the addition of bar stools.

2. Combine white with rustic elements

White farmhouse kitchen with island

White kitchen cabinets can be paired with rustic elements to create classic country spaces. Things like exposed brick, exposed beams, a farmhouse sink, reclaimed wood benchtops, a pot rack, brass pendant lights or a copper rangehood can give your country kitchen a real wow factor.

3. Use natural materials

Large hardwood floors

The use of wood, stone and other natural materials can help you to achieve that country style. Natural textures bring warmth to a white kitchen through contrast.

You don’t have to opt for wood benchtops to achieve this warmth. It can be as simple as using open timber shelving to display your pots and pans, choosing a rustic timber dining table or chairs, classic farmhouse-style barstools, marble countertops or even a jute rug to bring attention to your floors.

4. Add personality with colour and accessories

Country blue floor to ceiling wood cabinets

Classic country kitchen design uses white as its base, but colour can be introduced through floors or a splashback using a coloured subway tile or patterned Portuguese tiles.

Be sure to add a touch of your own personality with pictures on the walls, wallpaper or feature walls, or accessories such as an oversized clock or plants.

Finishing touches such as a plate rack for special dishes and bowls or open shelving and hooks to display pots, pans and utensils can also bring life to your country kitchen design.

5. Invest in quality appliances

Wooden floors and white cabinets in kitchen

The right appliances can help compliment your white country kitchen by adding a touch of colour or seamlessly blending in.

If you do a lot of baking, for example, a good-quality freestanding oven is probably already on your wish list. A retro-inspired fridge can also add to a farmhouse aesthetic, while a colourful hood over your stove can bring personality and style to your room.

6. Update your lighting

Bright white kitchen with sky light

An important but often overlooked element of country kitchen design is the lighting. When planning your kitchen, be sure to pay special attention to illuminating work areas such as the kitchen sink and benchtop.

Not only do pendants over a kitchen island add to the atmosphere, they are also a practical addition to your workspace. A glass or copper pendant light can also add sparkle to a room with few windows and low light.

7. Pair modern touches with white for a contemporary feel

Wooden floors and stainless steel accents

From contemporary to rustic, white country kitchens are found in all styles. A contemporary country kitchen is less cluttered than its vintage country kitchen counterpart and it’s easy to achieve a more streamlined look by adding some European flair with a glass backsplash, black or brown floors, modern decor or sleek lighting fixtures.

8. A professional can help you get cooking

kitchen installers

Kitchen layouts can be hard to perfect but a white country kitchen done right can add character and value to your house. A design consultation with a kitchen renovation specialist can save homeowners thousands in the long run.

As well as being a source of inspiration and ideas, professional designers have the experience and know-how to squeeze your sink in under existing windows, fit a pantry where you never thought possible and select the best kitchen cabinet finishes to help you achieve the look you desire.

Design a kitchen you’ll want to show off to family and friends

Little details such as the hardware on your cabinets and pictures on your walls are easily changed. But using a colour palette with white as your base for your country kitchen design ensures your room will never go out of style.

If you’re looking for a professional to help you with kitchen renovations in Brisbane, give Easy Living Kitchens a call. We know anything and everything there is to know about kitchens because we’ve been assisting homeowners with custom-designs for many years.

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