10 Must-Have Features of Modern Country Kitchens

Modern country kitchen with Wooden floors and white cabinets and black overhead statement lights

A country kitchen is a classic design with timeless appeal. With a touch of modern appliances, this kitchen style instills softness, warmth, and nostalgic ambience into your home.

Incorporating country kitchen design inside a modern home is easily accomplished by updating some elements of the country style. This way you can create a kitchen that you love the look of that also has all the functionality of a contemporary kitchen.

Here are some simple interior design rules to follow to help you achieve a modern country aesthetic in your kitchen renovation.

What is a modern country kitchen?

A modern country kitchen has all the cosiness of a traditional country-style kitchen with a contemporary twist.

A farmhouse kitchen or rustic-style country look usually incorporates a mixture of timber and painted surfaces, antique or replica lighting, and distressed natural materials such as exposed brick. Whereas a modern country kitchen might include a contemporary colour palette, a different take on traditional-style light fittings, a more open layout or the inclusion of an island.

Create a Modern Country Style Kitchen With These 10 Features

A country style kitchen doesn’t just belong in a country home. There are plenty of modern pieces to add to the mix to give contemporary spaces a rural feel.

Feature #1: Open Floor Plan

Petite modern kitchen with white island

Not only will an open floor plan add to the homeliness of your space, it’s also a practical must-have for modern families. Having your kitchen open to your living and dining areas serves to make the area feel larger while bringing the people living there closer together.

Kitchen designs in an open floor plan need to feature a practical layout and consider the functionality of each room and the distances between zones. For example, is the television far enough away from the kitchen that it can be clearly heard while the dishwasher is running?

Feature #2: Large kitchen island

Small rustic kitchen with stone countertop island

A dining table is often featured in a traditional farmhouse kitchen, serving as a workspace and an informal dining space. These days, a kitchen island is a place for the family to gather, enjoy informal meals or a space for the children to do their homework, rather than a table.

Not only does a large centre island serve as a functional and stylish focal point, it’s normally the heart of your kitchen which guests gravitate to. For this reason, it’s a good idea to design your country kitchen island with room for bar stools or chairs.

Feature #3: Stainless steel appliances

Small island with stone counter

They are probably not what you picture when you think of country kitchens, but stainless steel appliances will certainly help your kitchen feel cutting edge and like it belongs in the current century. Affordable and readily accessible, stainless steel appliances are also easy to clean and work into a modern country kitchen design.

Feature #4: Maximise natural light

Bright white kitchen with sky light

Short of remodelling your home to include a cathedral ceiling, there are interior design tricks you can use to increase the natural light in your kitchen.

If your layout is such that you have a dark kitchen that’s short on windows, avoid wood tones and bring in bright reflective surfaces.

For example, you can use materials such as glass in a splashback or cabinetry, or polished stone countertops to give a light and airy feel. Stick with neutral colours like a white country kitchen colour scheme to help things feel lighter.

Feature #5: Stone countertops

Stone countertops and stainless steel sink

The colour and material of your kitchen counter will have a huge impact on the feeling of your kitchen and how it functions. While traditional country kitchens mainly use wood for textures and durability, modern farmhouse kitchens often introduce an element of nature with the use of a sleek stone countertop.

The choice between granite, quartz, or marble for your kitchen benchtops all comes down to the look you desire for your space, how much effort you want to put in to care for your counter and your budget.

Feature #6: Farmhouse sink

Large stainless steel farmhouse sink

One addition that will make your country kitchen feel complete is a farmhouse sink. Beautiful and spacious, they can bring a rustic element to a modern country kitchen style.

White porcelain is a traditional material for a farmhouse sink, but a durable stainless steel, copper, or concrete sink will bring an organic, rustic vibe to your room. And while it is a more expensive option, a brass sink can add a lot of personality.

Feature #7: Hardwood flooring

Large hardwood floors

Hardwood floors can add warmth and character to a modern country kitchen. It’s long lasting and easy to maintain. But it’s not suitable for all applications and if it’s not already a feature of your current home, you might choose to opt for a faux wood product for your floors.

Engineered flooring features a top layer of hardwood over an engineered core. It’s an environmentally friendly way to get the look and feel of a traditional timber floor. Luxury vinyl planks and even laminate can also help you achieve a timber look while not breaking the bank.

Feature #8: Traditional-looking cabinetry

Country blue floor to ceiling wood cabinets

Shaker cabinets add to the charm of a country-style kitchen, but you can think outside of the box when it comes to designing your dream kitchen.

One way to modernise your country kitchen is to paint your cabinets using a contemporary colour palette featuring a cream, stone, blue, green or grey hue.

Feature #9: Statement lighting

Large kitchen island with overhead light fixtures

The right lighting can help you create a welcoming and inviting space in your house. Get it wrong and you could greatly impact the workability in your kitchen, particularly over workspaces such as the stove and kitchen island.

Sconces either side of a window above a sink can add a traditional flavour to your kitchen, while picking a modern glass pendant to hang over your kitchen island will add a ‘wow’ factor.

Feature #10: Tile splashback

White tile backsplash behind electric stove

Using tiles on your splashback is a great idea because there are so many options to choose from.

Whether you pick a neutral colour like grey or brown, a mosaic or pattern tile, or bring in colourful accents using a subway tile, tiles are a versatile and easy to care for option for the blank space above your counter.

Add your personality into a modern country kitchen design

Your house doesn’t need to have exposed beams and open timber shelving to achieve a modern country kitchen. Incorporating details such as stainless steel appliances, hardwood-look floors, bar stools around an island, a farmhouse-style sink, or using modern colours on your cabinets, are easy and affordable ways to bring a country vibe to your modern renovation.

Your kitchen is ultimately where you and your family will do a lot of living, so your money may be better spent designing it with an open layout to bring connectedness to the rest of your home rather than splashing out on real hardwood floors over a ‘fake wood’ option.

Looking at photos for inspiration will only get you so far. For professional help designing your Kitchen renovation in Brisbane, call Easy Living Kitchens on 1300 650 681 for a free design consultation.

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