10 Popular Kitchen Renovation Trends Worth Investing In

Modern sleek kitchen reno

The world of kitchen designs is always changing and innovating. There are trending styles, new technologies, and practical user-friendly advancements including all the latest and greatest things that you could want in your new kitchen renovation.

Feeling like you can’t keep up? Wondering what’s new? If you’re renovating an old kitchen, here’s what’s up and coming to consider…

1) Smart kitchens

Side view of new kitchen renovation

Technology moves quickly, and it almost seems as if every day there is something new on the market. Incorporating smart kitchen devices into your design will help you keep up with the trends of a modern kitchen and make using your kitchen easier.

From sensor taps to sensor lights, and built-in speakers to automated appliances; when you are designing your kitchen, make sure you consider innovative technology. If you are planning to sell your home in the near future, a built-in smart kitchen is a unique selling point for potential buyers.

2) Pantry storage

Built in kitchen pantry

Pantry storage is quickly growing in popularity. With the rising cost of living, growing families, home entertaining and multitudes of people taking up baking over the pandemic; the culinary aspects of the home have become more prominent. Walk in pantries are no longer luxury storage solutions, but a standard inclusion.

Kitchen storage never goes out of fashion. The epitome of a modern kitchen in any house is the ability to blend the latest trending styles with practical, everyday use. This can only be made possible with smart and innovative kitchen storage ideas.

Storage space means that you can hide appliances and keep the clutter off your benches. It means you can have more, do more and get more out of your kitchen. A built in pantry is a bonus for large kitchens but it is essential to include in any small kitchen renovation.

3) Statement sinks

Large farm style stainless kitchen sink

Statement taps were once the newest trend, but statement sinks are making a comeback. Once linked to farmhouse and vintage design, having a statement sink is becoming fashionable. With the ‘cottage core’ aesthetic design style leading the popularity market, the deep-basined ceramic sink is here to stay.

Not sure how you feel about the vintage look? Statement sinks can also be sleek, dark, and urban. Sinks of any style can become a statement piece. We have even seen the sink skirt start to make a reappearance!

4) Multi-use kitchen island

Hamptons style kitchen island

Believe it or not, the recent pandemic has even affected the world of kitchen designs. Being stuck in lockdowns and working from home, people have begun to value their home space more than ever.

The kitchen cooking space has now blended to join the rest of the home. Kitchen islands that were once statement pieces or designed for extra prep space now need to be multi-use. Many people consider that the island now needs to be a dining table, storage space, focal point AND a helpful additional to practical day to day cooking.

Think of the breakfast bar, the office-friendly kitchen, or including secret storage in your island if you’re thinking of innovative kitchen design ideas.

5) Home bars

Kitchen with built in wine cooler

Mandates, lockdowns and sitting at home during the pandemic has led to a resurgence of home entertainment. What better way to entertain than from your own bar?

Even though the world is opening again, people have loved the resurrection of the home bar station and it’s still increasing in popularity. With clever storage and creative design ideas, this can be an innovative touch to any kitchen design.

6) Green kitchens

Looking for an innovative colour palette? Green is the new kitchen ‘it’ colour.

From green cabinets to green tiles – green kitchens are gracing the covers of style magazines and all the trending Pinterest boards.

Green is easily tied in with a vintage or farmhouse style, but it can be added creatively as a pop of colour or nod to nature and worked in beautifully with natural materials.

7) Dark colours

Dark sleek kitchen renovation design


White and bright is no longer the leading colour palette of choice. Green has broken through as the leading colour of the season, but overall, the dark and moody feeling is making a comeback.

White remains a safe choice, but black cabinets and bold pops of colour are back in vogue. Natural light is still a must, but designers are contrasting this against dark colours to create a dramatic feeling of elegance.

8) Round edges, benches, and bars

Angled corner of kitchen renovation

Curves have often been used in kitchens to add a feeling of luxury. Basic kitchen building materials come in squares and lines. Anything curved suggests extra attention to detail and a custom design.

Timed perfectly with the reinvigorated trend of home entertaining, round benches, bars, counter space, and kitchen island edges for people to sit around are becoming standard in all the leading kitchen designs. Even in the leading dining room interior design style, the round table is coming back.

9) Creative backsplash designs

Dark gray and black kitchen renovation

Say goodbye to the subway tile. Innovative kitchen designers of today are using a custom built kitchen backsplash to be creative and express themselves.

Materials like marble, glass, rustic wood, and large tiles are making a comeback. Better yet, some dream kitchen ideas incorporate smart technology to make their backsplash touch screen and voice activated technology. Imagine – your backsplash could be the perfect kitchen assistant!

10) Connecting to outside

Two patio bar chairs outside kitchen servery window

The latest kitchen trend has begun incorporating outdoor space into its design. Natural elements and natural light with windows and glass doors are a great way to do this. Serveries to reach the outdoors and big sliding doors to open to the outdoor entertaining space are becoming common place.

Open air kitchens are perfect for granny flat kitchen designs or a small home. Your compact living area can be transformed into a hub of indoor/outdoor entertainment.

Don’t tuck your kitchen away, or think it only needs to connect to your dining or living space. Get creative and think about how you can connect it to whatever your outdoor space looks like, even if it’s just with windows and natural light.


Kitchen design experts you can trust

Building a new kitchen is a major project and one you want to get right the first time. You don’t want to finish your kitchen space, only to see something in a magazine or friend’s home that you wish you’d known about.

Modern kitchen design work can be hard to do alone because you don’t know what you don’t know. It can also be challenging to find a kitchen renovation company to bring your dream kitchen to life.

If you’re looking to overhaul your kitchen and build something new, we are the kitchen design experts you need in your corner. We will help you find something that fits your personal style, that is also innovative and practical.

Want to know more? Book a free design consult to find out more about building an innovative, custom kitchen design.

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