How To Choose The Right Kitchen Renovator For You

Renovating your kitchen is a substantial investment of your dollars, fact. But, the return you receive from your kitchen renovation, be it either increased property value or lifestyle improvement, can come down to the choice you make selecting the right kitchen renovator for you.

Not all kitchen renovators are the same. It’s important when choosing a kitchen renovator to know your expectations, your negotiables and non negotiables, as well as your budget flexibility.

For some, they are purely after a budget result and will happily accept a select range of fixed size, flat pack, off the shelf cabinets, hardware and benchtop.

For others, they are sold on seemingly very seductive offers offered by some of the corporate companies (50% off Cabinets, FREE Upgrades, 50% off Benchtops etc), and are happy to part with their money after a couple of hours of hard sell pitch by a salesperson more interested in closing the deal than working with you to achieve the best result.

The rest, from our experience, appreciate the value of working with an experienced kitchen designer who takes the time to listen and work with the client through all the design and functionality options available.

Designing a fully custom kitchen takes time. The ‘finer details’ missed by a salesperson will be highlighted by an experienced kitchen designer and can improve the functionality of a new kitchen dramatically.

An experienced kitchen designer will be familiar with all the latest trends, styles, materials and finishes available and help you visualise how your new kitchen will look, feel and function.

If you’re a person who appreciates detail and the benefits gained from a fully custom designed kitchen, you’re more than likely going to choose a renovator who shares the same values as yourself.

There are many smaller ‘boutique’ kitchen renovators in the market like this to choose from, however still for some, the devil is in the detail.

If a kitchen designer is going to spend hours working with a client to design and put together a kitchen quote or proposal, surely you would expect the details discussed to be noted and presented within the quote or proposal. After all, unless your quote or proposal is thorough and detailed, specifying exactly what you will be receiving, you really don’t know what you are paying for.

If you are getting a number of quotes for your new kitchen (which some people choose to) how can you be expected to reliably compare on price if one company offers you a one page quote with little detail versus another company who makes the effort to detail all expectations, specifications and inclusions.

At Easy Living Kitchens, we give you all the details. Our Comprehensive Kitchen Proposals outline our discussions with you regarding your design and functionality requirements and present our plan drawings, accompanied by our detailed proposal specifying ALL the components, hardware and surface choices as well as the features and benefits to assist you to understand exactly what you are choosing. (without ALL this information you don’t know what you’ll REALLY be getting)

If you choose to make design changes or refine specifications, we’ll work with you until you are 100% satisfied with your choices. If budget dictates a tightening of the belt, we’ll present you with options that can save you money, without changing the design or overall functionality of your new kitchen.

Experience the Easy Living Kitchens difference by calling us on 1300 650 681 to book your FREE Custom Kitchen Design Consultation or CLICK HERE to submit your request online.

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