10 Unique Kitchen Renovations to Increase Your Home Value

Beautiful new kitchen with wood floors

The kitchen is the heart of the home. A hub for much more than just cooking, with daily comfort, convenience, functionality, and precious memories embedded into its walls. This is just one of the reasons why a new kitchen is the first port of call for home improvement. Kitchen renovations are one of the best ways to increase the value of your home.

People undertake kitchen renovations for many reasons, whether to improve the appearance of the old 70’s style countertops, bring some much-needed storage space, or get their home ready for sale. There is no question that home improvements can increase the bottom line of your sale price, but how much of this can be found in an updated kitchen layout design? Should you focus your efforts on your cabinets and appliances or turn your attention to other home areas?

Read on to find out how a kitchen upgrade can increase your home’s value and get some inspiration for your next big renovation.

10 Kitchen renovation ideas that add value to your house

When planning your kitchen remodelling project to add value to your house, it’s essential to know what’s hot and what’s not, so you’re not spending time and money on things that won’t matter to buyers.

Consider budget-friendly ways to attract your ideal buyer, starting with the kitchen’s look before moving to the functionality and upgrades. Sometimes, all that’s needed is updated lighting and a lick of paint. In other instances, however, a complete overhaul is the only option.

Some of the best areas of focus to improve the value of your house include:

  1. Add a kitchen island

Shiny granite kitchen island

Kitchen islands are a fixture in most modern kitchens for a good reason.

A good island increases storage, improves function, looks great and just makes sense. With the addition of some stools, you will provide the perfect space for family meals, working on homework, and dishing out advice to a friend over a glass of wine.

  1. Create new flooring

New wooden kitchen floor

When you think of an old 80’s home, chances are dowdy, chunky and mismatched flooring comes to mind, often with tiles in a shade of orange.

If this is an eye-catching feature in your home, you’ll be surprised at how quickly your facade will improve by ripping up those tiles and installing some hardwood or tiles from this decade.

  1. Modernise your windows and doors

Luxurious Hamptons Seaside Kitchen

This is another one that may catch you by surprise at its effectiveness. Even the shape of your archways can send your home back a few decades, and if your windows are missing flyscreens or modern functionality, your buyer may turn the other way.

  1. Change the layout

Birds eye view of modern kitchen layout

Modern kitchens famously have 5 zones:

  • Consumables
  • Preparation
  • Storage
  • Cooking
  • Cleaning

You should be able to move between the zones fluently without being pummelled by an oven door or running into the fridge. If your kitchen layout no longer suits your every day needs, start there. No one wants to spend hours cooking in a space that’s uncomfortable, cluttered or outdated.

  1. Modernise the backsplash

Marble patterned kitchen backsplash

Nothing can bring personality and flair to your kitchen like a backsplash. Incorporate something unique, modern, and effective, and your kitchen will quickly take on a character of its own.

  1. Bring in a new sink and faucet


Updated kitchen faucet and sink

There’s nothing worse than a sink that doesn’t work how a sink should. No one wants overflowing dishes, no drying space and a tap that just doesn’t swing right.

Add a deep, functional sink and the perfect tapware, and your future buyers will love you for it.

  1. Look at your ceiling.

Kitchen ceiling with installed lights

Nothing says ‘efficient modern kitchen’ like vertical storage. Adding storage space vertically will free up space on your floor, add more room for appliances, and give your buyer the illusion of endless space for Tupperware.

  1. New kitchen cabinets and cupboards

Hamptons style kitchen in brisbane

Maybe you tried painting over your old laminate kitchen cabinets and realised you’d rather start fresh and install new cabinetry. If you’re on a tight budget, installing new kitchen cabinetry and cupboards can provide the perfect solution for your worn and outdated space.

In an instant, your old, run-of-the-mill cabinets can be replaced with modern, bright, functional, and well-equipped ones that will instantly boost your kitchen’s curb appeal.

  1. Improve the finishes and fixtures

Kitchen cabinets and wood floor

One of the cheapest and quickest kitchen upgrades you can do is to replace the hardware.

New doorknobs, a new tap, and a repainted windowsill might be all you need to take your kitchen from drab to fab.  Although this is a quick fix, it won’t necessarily return as big of an investment compared to a full kitchen renovation.

  1. New benchtops!

Marble kitchen bench top island

Is there anything more breathtaking than new marble benchtops? Or more functional than an incorporated butcher’s block on your kitchen island?

New benchtops are a great place to start, offering inspiration for improving the rest of your kitchen and providing instant home improvement.


How a kitchen renovation can boost your home’s value

Modern kitchen home redesign

If you’ve ever checked out rental properties online or worked with a real estate agent to research a home before checking it out in person – we’re willing to bet that you spent the most time looking at the kitchen. Likewise, realtors often take their clients on a direct path to the kitchen during home inspections.

Why? Because it’s the room that will often make or break the deal for potential buyers.

Sell your home faster with a new kitchen renovation

If you’ve ever wondered why some homes are snapped up before the ink is dry on the for-sale sign and why others seem to sit unoccupied for months, the secret is in the quality of the kitchen.

During our time spent working on kitchen renovations Brisbane, we have seen first hand the difference that a new splashback, updated cabinetry, fresh kitchen benchtops or new kitchen design can have on the resell value of a home.

According to real estate agents Sean and Bianca Schellsmidt, the buying decision is made in the kitchen. While some buyers love fixer-uppers, most want a beautiful new home design. One that doesn’t require them to lift a finger after a big moving day.

Due to the magnitude of a kitchen renovation, a space with a modern design, the latest appliances, quality hardware, and consistent improvements will almost always see higher bids and quicker settlements.

Live healthier after your custom kitchen reno

The value and impact of a kitchen upgrade are not only financial. In 2017, Houzz reported 33% of homeowners experienced a healthier lifestyle after renovating their kitchen41% enjoyed more home-cooked meals, and 50% spent more time with their family.

So even if you’re planning on selling your home in 12 months, a kitchen upgrade will give you some wonderful final memories of your home while boosting your eventual sale value by thousands.

The average return on investment for a kitchen renovation

Beautiful custom blue kitchen cabinets

Many elements make up the cost of a kitchen renovation, the main one being the size of the space. The higher square footage, the more materials, labour, and time, will be needed.

Additionally, making your remodel consistent is essential, with a simple paint job paired with old floors not doing much to modernise the space. A kitchen remodel can cost anywhere from $20,000 to $100,000, depending on the market, material availability and the job’s parameters. On average, a kitchen renovation will provide a return on investment of 62%.

According to the National Association of Realtors in Australia, a complete kitchen renovation holds number one place on the list of how successfully different renovations recoup investments, creating a higher home value. Secondly is a kitchen upgrade, where the property owner will improve features such as a new rangehood, kitchen island addition, new benchtop, or more efficient appliances. Even improving some components while maintaining consistency throughout the space will bring more appeal to your home.

How to get the most value from your kitchen remodel

Knowing where to start with your kitchen remodel or what is best for your space can be challenging. The property market is ever-changing, trends are ever evolving, and the best way to keep on top of both is to engage with kitchen renovation professionals. In doing so, you can avoid spending unnecessary money on kitchen elements that won’t bring a higher return.

Additionally, the last thing you want is to mess up your DIY kitchen improvement and end up with a high repair bill, kissing your return of investment goodbye.

For over 40 years, we have added value to Queensland’s families, helping homeowners like you create the kitchen (or earn the home sale price) of their dreams. We understand that a kitchen renovation can feel daunting, but our unique skills and experience combine to make the process enjoyable and memorable for our customers for all the right reasons.

Get in touch to book your free consultation today or call us at 1300 650 681 to get started on your complete kitchen renovation.

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